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Friday, 26 August 2016

Hello World *First Post*

Hey World, I'm Liam. Welcome to Liam J Havard.  This is a new outlet for me to discuss ideas and keep you all updated on the life of Liam, and I'm very excited about that. I'm not new to blogging, but I certainly haven't done this thing in a long time. Excuse me if I'm rusty. I've been wanting to blog again for so long, but I've become a bit too comfortable in binge watching Netflix on my evenings.  I can't be the only person guilty of that though, right? So for my first post, I thought I would tell you a bit about myself. Now go get a cup of tea and we'll get to it.

So I'm a 23 year old male from Wales, UK and a trainee assistant store manager. I enjoy what I do, but it's probably not what I aim to do forever. Retail can sometimes be a bit soul destroying especially when you have customers shouting at you for little things like, being too energetic, or something in the store not being up to their standards...hmmm #RetailProblems.  Although it's a fun and challenging place where I work, I think my passion lies in writing/the arts/the media which is actually what my background is in. I studied a BA degree in Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies (with communications) at Cardiff University and graduated from them this summer of 2016.  I passed with a 2:1, phew. It was such a good few years but damn I am glad to not be writing anymore assignments and doing 'all nighters'.

Just like in uni, I am still a night owl. I find myself up at 2am most nights, except now I don't have a glass of vodka in my hand. Most of my posts will be written in the evenings and nights as that's when my brain is functioning the best. I think uni got me into the habit of staying up late, so the thought of sleeping at 10pm every night just seems unnatural. Maybe I'm just a student 'wannabe' and that's why I stay up so late.

Here I am at graduation 2015 with the world's cheesiest smile.

As mentioned in my 'about' page, I will be writing about a whole bunch of areas, but my main focus is on travelling; food; lifestyle; opinion; Lush products, and the occasional chat about fashion. I'll publish most of my blog posts in the evenings and aim to do every 1-2 weeks. As a massive foodie, I will be sharing with you all the different places I eat at and all the different foods I make so expect lots of food posts. For those of you that eat meat and dairy, I'm afraid I will only be sharing vegan inspired recipes, but if you have an open mind you may see something that takes your fancy. I spend around £100 a week on food shopping, and that's without all the different places I eat at (this is why I'm broke 24/7) so you will have a good variety of food posts to lust over.  I'm hoping when I start my travels around the world that vegan food will be easy to find, but I'm not counting on it with dairy being in so much food - but hey, I love a challenge! Food is a big part of why I want to travel, but it's not the primary reason. I also want to see new places and experience different cultures.

I travel a little now, around the country and bits of the UK mainly, but my heart wants the world; to see it all. I aim big as you can tell #WanderlustProblems. I'm most likely going to travel late 2017 - early 2018 when I have saved up enough money. If anyone wants to fund my travels though, I'll be happy to jump on the next flight. Oh one can dream!  As a massive fan of adventure, I honestly cannot wait to go. Some places I'm looking forward to travelling around are Fiji, Vietnam, Bangkok, Thailand and Australia and I would love to see bits of South America too. Is there anywhere you would recommend going to? I think because I've been brought up in such a small country it just makes me want to see more. Wales really is a beautiful place though, so if you are ever in the UK you HAVE to come see it.

And that's a little about me and my blog, but before we wrap this all up here's some random facts about me:
- I NEVER used to listen to music. People always used to tell me about songs and artists, but up until 2013 my iTunes was free of any songs so I was clueless about the music scene. And now? Yes I listen to it, but it should never be the first conversation of choice with me as I could not keep it flowing. Your grandma would probably be better than me, seriously.
- Although I listen to music now, there isn't a single song in the world I know all the words to. HONESTLY I SWEAR. So on nights out or in the car I completely make up my own words. Having said that I do know all the words to the Pretty Little Liars theme tune, does that count for something?
- I am terrified of spiders so badly that if I see one in my room, I have to sleep with the light on for that night, just in case it invades my space. I used to get my mother to put them outside for me when I lived with her, but now that I don't live with her I have to...get my house mate to do it instead. Guilty.
- When I was a child, I was crazy. I was that grumpy evil uncontrollable child nobody really wants. I used to head-butt my mum to the point we both had bruises (sorry Mum), and once (this is the bad one) I flooded my aunt's and uncle's house on purpose. I was a devil child. Again, guilty.

And that's a wrap. If you have any questions for me, big or small let me know as I would love to answer them. Until next time everyone...

Have you got any random facts about yourself? Let me know in the comments section!


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