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Thursday, 1 September 2016


My outfit of the day was simple and cool, perfect for a summer night's walk down Swansea Bay after work.  When you need to unwind, the beach is the place to go. With my nearest beach being only a 15 minute walk away, I'm a very lucky man!

Smart-casual for when you want to dress down, but want to be 'ready' in case you bump into somebody you know or like.
When you want to look decent after a long day, but you really don't want to dress up BECAUSE it's been a long day the 'open shirt' look has got you covered. 

Unisex. Quick. Easy. 
I teamed up a green checked shirt, white top and a pair of light blue stretch-skinny jeans, then topped them off with some black skater style shoes and a pair of white sports socks.

Not normally a fan of green, but always a fan of checked shirts I gave into temptation and bought this item a while back - and I'm glad I did as it's my favourite (and only) green item. The pale colour gave me that summer look I was hoping to achieve; sported with a pair of light blue jeans it was an easy combo. I rolled up both the shirt and jeans as I do religiously with all my clothes as I feel it puts the smart into 'smart-casual'.

As for my shoes, they pretty much go with all my casual outfits as you would expect from any skater brand of shoes. Whenever any of my black shoes come out with me like the ones you see above, my white sports socks make an appearance too!  I love showing a bit of sock and I love the contrast in colours between black and white. Occasionally I wear black socks instead and roll them up so there's a bit of ankle on show. Cheeky.

What I wore today:
Total cost: £113
*All items have lasted over a year. All good quality. *Shoes are not vegan as they were purchased at a time when I was not following this lifestyle. They have suede in them.

Are you a fan of the open shirt look too?


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