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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Sweet, sweet lickable lips

There's a face exfoliator, a body exfoliator, a foot exfoliator and all thanks to Lush Cosmetics there is now an exfoliator just for your lips. Not only will Lush's lip exfoliators treat you to soft luscious lips, but they will make you taste as sweet as sugar. All Vegan friendly, they come in 3 tastes: Popcorn, Mint Julips and, Bubblegum. Compact, effective, 100% addictive and in the words of Lush they are "Lip-smackingly good".

I use the popcorn flavour.

Weighing at only 25g a pot, I never thought these scrubs would last very long but Lush proved me wrong. I have over 3/4 of a pot left and I bought this scrub around 8 months ago, that's with me using a pea-sized amount once to twice a week. Another plus is how full they make this pot - it is literally to the brim. You could compare Lush's lip scrubs to Pringles who are the only crisp company out there to pack up their pots. Well done Guys.

How to and what.

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you don't need a thorough step by step for this one! 

Using a small amount scrub your lips in a circular motion and leave to sit on for about 30 seconds to let the oils soak in, at least that's what I do. Then follow up by using a lip balm like the one I talk about here. Kissable lips? Check! The popcorn scrub is full of sea salt and caster sugar which act as great exfoliators for your lips, and as the materials are fine it's not very abrasive. Something which I was initially worried about. As a bonus, the scrub is also a tasty treat so just lick your lips when you're done and enjoy (note: do not treat this scrub as a snack as tempting as it will be. Willpower people).

Besides the smooth lips, the jojoba oil and coconut oil in the popcorn scrub act as a natural moisturiser, which can be a little oily but the oils soon absorb after about 10 minutes.

When I first bought this little guy, I was applying it like every hour.  I. Love. Sugar.
The only downside to this scrub is that it is very messy. Sugar EVERYWHERE people. I've learned my lesson of not using this in bed or out and about because it gets everywhere and people notice...whoops.  Would I purchase again though? 100%.


Caster Sugar, Organic Jojoba Oil, Fine Sea Salt, Polenta, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Popping Candy, Flavour

Lip scrub rating: 
Price: £5.50 for 25g

What's your favourite lip balm?


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