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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Where I want to go Wednesday: Australia

Australia. You hear about it all the time; people move over there, people travel to there, people do working holidays out there. But why does everyone fly over the pond for this place?
Source: here. Snapped by my big brother in Melbourne, Australia.
I'm actually one of those people that are going over there - by January 2018 in fact. As part of my travels I am planning on ending my journey in Australia with a working holiday and I can't bloody wait. A few of my friends have gone travelling over there, and my brother has lived out there for almost 4 years. My friends travelled around Australia whereas my brother did a working holiday out there, but has since ended up living there for good. Hearing their stories has filled me with jealousy and given me the nudge to 'go down under'.

Source: here. Snapped by my friend. 
Source: here. Snapped by the same friend.

Why, why, why? Here are my top 5 reasons for jetting off.

  1. The beauty of Australia. You are surrounded by one in a million sights. I'm not just talking about the great landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, I'm talking about the luminous sunsets; the beaches with clear water; and, the amazing jungles. Plus hello the great barrier reef?! You don't get that sort of thing in the UK.
  2. The wildlife. Yes there are some scary animals over there, don't even get me started on the spiders out there I could cry just thinking about them. I mean the kangaroos, the koala bears and the whales. I could go on. What a treat to the eyes.
  3. The money. If you go on a working holiday to Australia, you can earn around $20 an hour just by being a bartender, need I say more?
  4. The beautiful weather and climate, which is enough of a reason for some people to move out there! It's hot, like really hot, and the sun makes an appearance most days so you can count on getting a tan and everyone knows everything is better with a tan, right?
  5. The healthy lifestyle. Australians are typically very health focused as a society so you can guarantee you will find some good wholesome and organic food - whether you eat out or buy some food from a shop. This is great for us vegetarians and vegans; niche, what niche?
Source: here

There are so many reasons to visit Australia, but above are the most common. Some of the places I plan on a visiting out there are Melbourne; Sydney; Perth; Queensland and, Brisbane but I'm sure I will venture off the beaten path too. 

Have you ever been to Australia? Let me know about it below in the comments!

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