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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Autumnal Tan

To start this week off, I dug out some of my favourite autumnal clothes and went with the theme of tan and autumn orange to match all the pretty autumn leaves. You can really feel the cold in the air now that we've left the beloved summer so it's time to start wrapping up (yay). Surprisingly we had some decent weather this week in little'ol Swansea so I wandered to the beach, but sadly there was no crunchy leaves there that I could go jump on (always going out of my way for the sake of a crunchy leave). Here's what I wore...

* Wannabe model
Perfectly sunny and ridiculously windy, I wanted something warm and comfortable as well as something smart to wear on Sunday - yes, you can have all three. I sported a quilted tan bomber jacket; a pale oversized autumn orange and creme cotton shirt (it was actually a 'female' shirt, but I had to buy it); dark blue stretch-skinny jeans; and, faux suede tanned chelsea boots. These aren't colours I normally get seduced by, but this outfit turned out to be a winner!

Deep black and white shot of course.
I showed the shirts arm cuffs underneath the jacket to give it a lil something extra.
The oversized shirt with it's extra big collar made a great statement and the jacket really pulled the whole outfit together whereas the shoes supported the outfit's colour pallet.
Purple sunglasses for the win.
I'm honestly obsessed with this shirt. The oversized and rich cotton design gives it a cozy level of 10, and the look is versatile enough for day or evening wear. It's probably not the best option for summer wear as it is ridiculously thick, but now it's a little chillier it's my go-to shirt. Plus it's checked and we all know I'm a sucker for that!

The shoes are also a new favourite of mine because of their smartness, but being a light colour I didn't think they would work well with dark blue denim jeans; I was proven wrong.

What I wore:
Total cost: £109

Do you like tan clothes too?


Monday, 24 October 2016

What do vegans eat? Food Diary 24/10/2016

Food: my favourite thing e v e r. No matter how you're feeling, you can always count on food to look after you and make you happy. Plus with so much variety to choose from we're spoiled on what to eat - yes, even us vegans have a lot of choice! I for one have had a fun food-filled day today, so go take a look below and lust over it all.

If I could eat cereal all day every day, I probably would. Some people like pizza, I like cereal... 
For breakfast this morning I ate bran flakes with crushed pecans, chia seeds and flax seeds served with a splash of almond milk and agave syrup. This was my pre gym meal and it tasted fab, plus was full of energy and protein.

Mid morning snack

I was pretty hungry after the gym this morning (to be honest I'm hungry 24/7) so was excited for my first snack of the day. I ate a green smoothie which had spinach; ginger; almond yoghurt; orange; 2 bananas; wheatgrass; oats; and, My Protein vegan protein powder in it. Along with this, I had a Bear blackcurrant fruit roll which had "no added nonsense" in it (it's literally baked blackcurrant; so addictive), plus a Trek coconut protein flapjack and two falafels. Surprisingly this did fill me...for a few hours.

Just looking at my lunch in this photo is making me salivate, help.
I wanted a high protein lunch today since I worked hard at the gym this morning #gainz. To accommodate this, I made smashed avocado on seeded bread with paprika, black pepper and a pinch of salt. I also had one of Quorn's vegan soups that I've been dying to get my hands on for a while; it tasted great and was full of Quorn vegan pieces; lentils; chick peas; tomatoes and a bunch of Moroccan spices.

Post-soup I ate a handful of almonds, cashews and a bag of Nakd's salted caramel nibbles to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Damn, this was a tasty grub.
I have eaten so much protein today, who says vegans don't get enough?! My protein packed day ended with a protein packed dinner of hummus and steamed peas; roasted carrots with garlic and thyme; spicy peanut satay spaghetti; and, a spicy vegan Quorn burger.

And that's my food for the day. Tasty. Nutritious. And SO FILLING. Excuse me whilst I go and roll around the place now that I can barely walk...

What was your favourite meal from today?


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Denim, Denim, Denim

Autumn might be my favourite season of all or as I like to call it, 'fat season'. It's the perfect time for everyone to eat more and bury themselves in layers of clothing to hide the 'evidence', or is that just me? It's also the best season to experiment with clothing, but sadly as it's only just arrived layers are minimal...for now. With that said, I started autumn off with a denim look; my denim jacket being a personal favourite.

Jacket collar up. Every. Single. Time.

Shirt buttoned up. Every. Single. Time.
For once in my life I didn't wear a checked shirt like you may have seen me wear in previous posts, instead I opted for a solid black shirt. A massive fan of black on black I teamed it up with a pair of simple black skinny jeans and black hi top Converse trainers. I completed the outfit with my blue denim jacket which added a splash of colour and kept me that little bit warmer.

A massive fan of rolling up jeans, I do exactly the same with my denim jackets as you can see. It make outfits nicely symmetrical and boy I like my symmetry, but it also adds a stylish 'rough around the edges' look that anyone can pull off.

This was a great smart casual outfit to wander the high street. Converse trainers and denim jackets make the perfect daytime combo, but the outfit could easily be smartened up for an evening by replacing the Converse trainers with desert boots or Chelsea boots. Everything else would be a-okay.

I like to show a little bit of sock; it gives outfits more variety. Plus why wouldn't you want to show them off? You've paid for them after all.
What I wore:
Total cost: £78.99

Do you love denim on denim too?


Saturday, 15 October 2016

What do Vegans Eat? Food Diary 15/10/16

When you hear the phrase 'vegan diet', what food do you think of? If you're not vegan, it's likely to be salad; beans; grass; anything 'earthy to be honest'. Am I on the right lines here? Well to give you some insight into what a vegan actually eats, here is a food diary of everything I ate on this cold rainy Saturday.

Yes, that is a flamingo plate.
Breakfast is probably my favourite meal. It's the last thing I think about at the end of the day and the first thing I think about when I wake up. I. Love. Breakfast. Today's breakfast was comprised of some jumbo oatmeal with agave syrup, chia seeds and, cinnamon in unsweetened almond milk. Along with this (yes there was more) I ate 2 vegan sausages sandwiched between some brown bread and tomato sauce, followed by a handful of pecan nuts. I also had two blackcurrant fruit rolls. They do say to have a breakfast after all...

Mid morning snack

To keep me going until lunch time, I needed something light and nutty. I decided on Alpro's almond and soy yoghurt which by the way is my latest vegan find and it is amazing. I also had a small handful of almonds to satisfy my nutty tooth.


Lunch: my second favourite mealtime of the day. Today's lunch was a peanut butter and strawberry jam wholemeal sandwich teamed up with a cooked sweet potato and baked beans. I normally use the standard white potato with beans but fancied something a bit different today. Sweet potato has since won my heart. Goodbye and rest in peace white potatoes.

Mid afternoon snack

I don't go a day without a green smoothie so today was no different. Sadly I was a bit low on fruit so had to make do with what I had. I blended spinach; wheat grass; banana; vegan protein powder; chia seeds; fresh root ginger; and, water. Normally I would add some raspberries, pineapple or mango to the mix too.

I also had some brazil nuts on the side (if you haven't gathered just yet, I'm a big fan of nuts).


I ended today with a glorious vegan curry from a local restaurant of mine. Cheeky. It was mildly spiced with the tastes of India and packed with carrots; tomatoes; onions and cauliflower on a bed of boiled rice. I added a sweet peshwari naan to the mix too as they offered to make it vegan, so of course I couldn't resist. You'd be surprised how accommodating some restaurants can be these days, change is coming!

And that's my day in food. Stay tuned because these food logs will be a regular occurrence in response to the regular question: But what do vegans eat? Plus it gives me an excuse to eat more..

What have you eaten today?


Saturday, 8 October 2016

Swansea's very own Mt. Everest

A very sore body and two tired eyes later, I have returned home from Swansea's very own Mount Everest: Kilvey Hill. It was a great hike on a slow Saturday today that made the perfect activity to satisfy my busy mind, so was well worth the limp I am dealing with now. Sigh.

The view from the top.
Kilvey Hill was that GIANT mountain in the distance that I passed in the car on my way to Swansea city centre as a child. I didn't live in Swansea city when I was younger like I do now which meant I didn't get to see this place regularly - but when I did get to see it in passing I was a very happy Liam. I only ever saw it for 1 minute max though but that was fine. Yeah, I was easily pleased back then... 

I never thought people actually went here though, as if it was forbidden or off limits. It was a place you could see but you didn't go to. It was a different world.  Little did I know, people did go here; and now that I've leaned this astonishing truth I come here once or twice a month to satisfy my childhood fantasies.

It's such a beautiful bit of Swansea. As much of a city boy as I am it's nice to know there's a place close by that I can retreat to for a bit of peace and quiet.

Peace & Quiet.
Big Foot...maybe.

The way to the enchanted forest.

16, 000 steps and 7 miles later I am much more chilled out. Thank you nature for distressing me (such a vegan thing to say, I know). I'll see you again soon.

Where's your favourite place to unwind? Let me know.


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Thursday, 6 October 2016

All black errythang

With autumn's arrival, we can all rejoice at the fact that it is now acceptable to start wearing black again - and lots of it. I'm especially happy considering 50% of my wardrobe is B L A C K. Anyone else? To celebrate this joyous occasion I went out for a few drinks with some friends recently and threw on one of my favourite shades of colour.

Terrible lighting aside, you can see I have a checked shirt on (shock horror) teamed up with some stretch-skinny ripped jeans and desert boots. All black, yes, but I broke up the outfit with a grey & black shirt which made it look less like I was going to a funeral and more like I was going out. The ripped jeans made this outfit a bit more bold, but it didn't look trashy as they were only minor rips, phew. I also wore my waterproof black bomber jacket to complete the look and kept my umbrella on hand too because the weather...well, don't get me started on that.

This was the perfect evening look and it kept me warm all night long. I love outfits that are black on black because it genuinely feels like you've really dressed up, but it's so effortless which is why I always go back for more.

What I wore:
  • Coat - £40 from Topman, but no longer available. 
  • Shirt - From Asos, but price unknown as it was a gift.
  • Jeans - £32 from H&M
  • Shoes - £40 from Burton

What's your favourite evening look?

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