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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Swansea's very own Mt. Everest

A very sore body and two tired eyes later, I have returned home from Swansea's very own Mount Everest: Kilvey Hill. It was a great hike on a slow Saturday today that made the perfect activity to satisfy my busy mind, so was well worth the limp I am dealing with now. Sigh.

The view from the top.
Kilvey Hill was that GIANT mountain in the distance that I passed in the car on my way to Swansea city centre as a child. I didn't live in Swansea city when I was younger like I do now which meant I didn't get to see this place regularly - but when I did get to see it in passing I was a very happy Liam. I only ever saw it for 1 minute max though but that was fine. Yeah, I was easily pleased back then... 

I never thought people actually went here though, as if it was forbidden or off limits. It was a place you could see but you didn't go to. It was a different world.  Little did I know, people did go here; and now that I've leaned this astonishing truth I come here once or twice a month to satisfy my childhood fantasies.

It's such a beautiful bit of Swansea. As much of a city boy as I am it's nice to know there's a place close by that I can retreat to for a bit of peace and quiet.

Peace & Quiet.
Big Foot...maybe.

The way to the enchanted forest.

16, 000 steps and 7 miles later I am much more chilled out. Thank you nature for distressing me (such a vegan thing to say, I know). I'll see you again soon.

Where's your favourite place to unwind? Let me know.


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