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Saturday, 15 October 2016

What do Vegans Eat? Food Diary 15/10/16

When you hear the phrase 'vegan diet', what food do you think of? If you're not vegan, it's likely to be salad; beans; grass; anything 'earthy to be honest'. Am I on the right lines here? Well to give you some insight into what a vegan actually eats, here is a food diary of everything I ate on this cold rainy Saturday.

Yes, that is a flamingo plate.
Breakfast is probably my favourite meal. It's the last thing I think about at the end of the day and the first thing I think about when I wake up. I. Love. Breakfast. Today's breakfast was comprised of some jumbo oatmeal with agave syrup, chia seeds and, cinnamon in unsweetened almond milk. Along with this (yes there was more) I ate 2 vegan sausages sandwiched between some brown bread and tomato sauce, followed by a handful of pecan nuts. I also had two blackcurrant fruit rolls. They do say to have a breakfast after all...

Mid morning snack

To keep me going until lunch time, I needed something light and nutty. I decided on Alpro's almond and soy yoghurt which by the way is my latest vegan find and it is amazing. I also had a small handful of almonds to satisfy my nutty tooth.


Lunch: my second favourite mealtime of the day. Today's lunch was a peanut butter and strawberry jam wholemeal sandwich teamed up with a cooked sweet potato and baked beans. I normally use the standard white potato with beans but fancied something a bit different today. Sweet potato has since won my heart. Goodbye and rest in peace white potatoes.

Mid afternoon snack

I don't go a day without a green smoothie so today was no different. Sadly I was a bit low on fruit so had to make do with what I had. I blended spinach; wheat grass; banana; vegan protein powder; chia seeds; fresh root ginger; and, water. Normally I would add some raspberries, pineapple or mango to the mix too.

I also had some brazil nuts on the side (if you haven't gathered just yet, I'm a big fan of nuts).


I ended today with a glorious vegan curry from a local restaurant of mine. Cheeky. It was mildly spiced with the tastes of India and packed with carrots; tomatoes; onions and cauliflower on a bed of boiled rice. I added a sweet peshwari naan to the mix too as they offered to make it vegan, so of course I couldn't resist. You'd be surprised how accommodating some restaurants can be these days, change is coming!

And that's my day in food. Stay tuned because these food logs will be a regular occurrence in response to the regular question: But what do vegans eat? Plus it gives me an excuse to eat more..

What have you eaten today?


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