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Monday, 24 October 2016

What do vegans eat? Food Diary 24/10/2016

Food: my favourite thing e v e r. No matter how you're feeling, you can always count on food to look after you and make you happy. Plus with so much variety to choose from we're spoiled on what to eat - yes, even us vegans have a lot of choice! I for one have had a fun food-filled day today, so go take a look below and lust over it all.

If I could eat cereal all day every day, I probably would. Some people like pizza, I like cereal... 
For breakfast this morning I ate bran flakes with crushed pecans, chia seeds and flax seeds served with a splash of almond milk and agave syrup. This was my pre gym meal and it tasted fab, plus was full of energy and protein.

Mid morning snack

I was pretty hungry after the gym this morning (to be honest I'm hungry 24/7) so was excited for my first snack of the day. I ate a green smoothie which had spinach; ginger; almond yoghurt; orange; 2 bananas; wheatgrass; oats; and, My Protein vegan protein powder in it. Along with this, I had a Bear blackcurrant fruit roll which had "no added nonsense" in it (it's literally baked blackcurrant; so addictive), plus a Trek coconut protein flapjack and two falafels. Surprisingly this did fill me...for a few hours.

Just looking at my lunch in this photo is making me salivate, help.
I wanted a high protein lunch today since I worked hard at the gym this morning #gainz. To accommodate this, I made smashed avocado on seeded bread with paprika, black pepper and a pinch of salt. I also had one of Quorn's vegan soups that I've been dying to get my hands on for a while; it tasted great and was full of Quorn vegan pieces; lentils; chick peas; tomatoes and a bunch of Moroccan spices.

Post-soup I ate a handful of almonds, cashews and a bag of Nakd's salted caramel nibbles to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Damn, this was a tasty grub.
I have eaten so much protein today, who says vegans don't get enough?! My protein packed day ended with a protein packed dinner of hummus and steamed peas; roasted carrots with garlic and thyme; spicy peanut satay spaghetti; and, a spicy vegan Quorn burger.

And that's my food for the day. Tasty. Nutritious. And SO FILLING. Excuse me whilst I go and roll around the place now that I can barely walk...

What was your favourite meal from today?


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