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Saturday, 21 January 2017

2017 Goals

A New Year is all about making resolutions and then not following through on them, right? #NewYearNewMe (couldn't stop myself).... Well how about making goals; as in objectives to work towards? If you're working towards something, you're allowing yourself to have some slip ups in comparison to making resolutions which aim to stop a habit immediately. I'm trying this new mindset in an attempt to create exciting changes for my life in 2017.


  • To focus on diet change by getting in more nutrition through meal prepping and education - but allowing myself some junk if I really want it. Moderation > Limitation.
  • To work towards a more athletic and fitter body (cliche I know), but not beat myself up if I miss a few days in the gym.
  • To improve my mental health through hobbies and meditation over the next 12 months
  • Save realistically. Rather than aim for an exact number to put in the bank every month, deposit how much I want to depending on goals at the time.

I love to monitor my goals, so will be doing weekly and monthly checks on how I'm progressing because if we don't monitor ourselves then aren't we just making empty promises? 

I use a bullet journal to keep track of things (keep an eye out for a post on bullet journals because organisation is L I F E #OCDProblems) so will be using one for the purpose of my 2017 goals.

What are your goals for this new year?


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Catchup time. Where have I been? MIA. *Update*

I'd like to answer that question by saying I've been sipping mocktails on the white sandy beaches of Barbados, or that I've been travelling Western Europe (total Friends reference).  I'd like to answer that question with some sort of interesting story of where I've been, but sadly I've just been ill.  I'm not talking the normal kind though; I'm talking like really ill as in really really REALLY ill. Worse than man flu kind of ill. Yeah, that extreme (I hope one of you is playing a tiny violin at this story). It was all because of some new medication I was put on by my doctor, but thankfully my body has regained its strength back (about time). Liam 1 Meds 0.

I'm relieved to be back in action; it got me down that I couldn't devote time to my blog. Being offline for so long means I've got lots to write about; my hands are aching to create post, so stay tuned.

Bed rest was made 10 times better in my astronaut jumper!

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