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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Finding motivation when you have none

You might have all the ambition in the world, but sometimes that task you need to do seems as hard as walking on water. It can be one of the trickiest and hardest things to conjure; motivation, or the lack of it can disrupt your day and make you frustrated, but here are my top tips on regaining control.

1. Exercise

I thought I'd start off with the dreaded 'e' word; the activity you may not want to do even though it's good for you. Everyone tries to put it off, but it really is great at energising and motivating us all for the day ahead. Yes really. Exercise pushes you to knuckle down. Is it the boost of happy hormones or all the energy it gives you? Whatever it is, try doing it in the morning to rev your engines nice and early.

2. Meditation

When you have no motivation, it could be because there are issues playing on your mind making you over-think. Thankfully you combat this with meditation which has the purpose of helping you to find calm and clarity in your thinking and ultimately banish whatever it is holding you back. Taking just 10 minutes out of your day might be all you need. Headspace is a good site which guides you into the world of meditation.

3. To do lists

Easily one of the best ways to help you in your mission to find motivation. To do lists are easy to make and get you organised. Seeing what you have to do ahead of time takes the planning and thinking out of the equation, both of which are things that can effect your energy and motivation. Plus there's nothing quite as nice as crossing tasks off your to do list to make you feel a little proud of yourself. Tip: Only prioritise 3 main tasks to do as this is achievable; anything more may have the opposite effect by demotivating you.

4. Reward yourself

If this can't motivate you, then we're in for a challenge. What better way to get you going than to know you'll get a treat at the end. Rewarding myself is a personal favourite because I LOVE to treat myself and if I know I've got some food, a nap or a Netflix marathon at the finish line, then I'm sold. Rewarding yourself gives you something to work towards so it's a win-win.

4. Distractions

You know what I'm on about. Close Netflix. Put your phone on Airplane Mode. Log out of Facebook. When we're demotivated, we can procrastinate which leads to more trouble. Stop this while you can by getting rid of your distractions. Your only focus should be the tasks at hand.

What are your tips?


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