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Monday, 27 February 2017

How to stay motivated at the gym when you just can't

Sometimes you have it, sometimes you don't. Keeping that motivation to stay fit is sometimes quite the challenge. I've been there multiple times; I want to be gym fit, but sometimes lack the motivation and willpower... Thankfully I have some ways around the dilemma. Here's some tips and tricks to keep you going when you just can't.

1. Track your progress
Using a notebook or some form of fancy software, track every time you go to the gym. Specifically, the amount of weight you lift each time and the length of time you do cardio. By using this method you'll notice you are developing every week, so you can stop stressing that you're not because the data doesn't lie. Keep going!

2. Verbalise your goals
This one isn't as crazy as it sounds. I do it ALL the time. All you have to do is say your intentions out loud including why you want to exercise and what you hope it will do for you. Maybe you wake up in the morning before the gym and you say out loud "I'm exercising to get fitter and gain muscle". Maybe you do it at the gym when the reps are getting a little tough you say out loud "I'm doing this for stronger arms". Sounds silly, but I cannot emphasise enough how great of a motivational tool this is.

3. Take photos 
Most of us hope for instant results and when we don't see any, we might cry...or is that just me? Truth is your body IS changing, whether you can see it or not. It might just be slight changes but small changes always lead to big results. If you're after concrete proof, try taking a photo first thing in the morning before you eat. Strip down to your Bridget Jones undies, take a snap just for your eyes and in a month take another photo. Compare the two and you might be surprised to see what great progress you've made. Keep doing this every month.

4. Follow fitness accounts
This one is purely for vanity purposes but it might make you ambitious about changing your body. Follow a few fitness accounts on social media and see what their body transformations they post and use that to get you pumped.

5. Use clothes as your motivator
Maybe there's a dress you like but you can't fit into it yet or maybe it's a vest you're not confident in just yet. Whatever it is, make that piece of clothing your motivator by hanging it up where you can see it everyday. This is pretty simple and gives you something to work towards - imagine how good you'll look in that top after all that exercise!

Those are my tried and tested tools. How do you stay motivated?


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  1. Love your motivation tips as well!! I started writing down how much weight I use for everything a couple months ago and it's helped push myself more
    Your blog is awesome btw! :)


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