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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Six things no one tells you about depression

As a long time sufferer of depression as far back as the age of 5 I have never been 'right' and that's because I have depression. I know this bully pretty well and there's a lot to him. Many people see depression as black and white, but what no one tells you is that it's more than just emotional. Here I list what no one tells you about depression.

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1. It's boring
Like really boring. It puts you in such a bad mood that seeing people; eating food; watching films; exercising; doing pretty much anything you can imagine is too difficult. You lack any motivation whatsoever and are not interested in anything. Everything bores you.

2. It hurts
Depression can cause random aches and pains as well as pins and needles in your body and they can be a little painful or REALLY painful. It can last for a short while, long while or come and go. For some people, it's almost constant.

3. It's tiring
Depression is EXHAUSTING. Let me paint you a picture: Imagine you had a really bad sleep and then the following day another bad sleep, let's say this goes on for a few weeks. Then randomly your boss asks you to come into work early and you have to set a 5am alarm to get up but you don't end up falling asleep until 1am. Imagine how tired you are when that alarm goes off. Times that by 10 and that's how tired depression sufferers can be some or most of the time. It's not pretty. Yawn.

4. You get mood swings
Depression changes you. You can be fine, maybe even happy for an hour and then out of the blue depression strikes you' down to the lowest depth out of no where. Maybe after a few hours you get really angry and then before bed feel calm. It really gives you a mix of emotions. You feel it all.

5. Sometimes you feel nothing
There's times when depression can make you feel emotionally numb. You can be awake and just feel nothing: not happy, not sad, just numb and there's no telling how long this will last. Someone could crack a joke and you wouldn't laugh; you could get a new job and not feel happy. It's an eerie sense of emotion.

6. There's not always an explanation
For many depression sufferers, there's no explanation to their diagnoses. Some people are built this way because of genetics or a chemical imbalance in their brain.

No matter how depression can bully people like me and others, we fight it everyday with pride knowing that we're stronger than it.

How does depression effect you?


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