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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Why Checked Shirts work

If you read my blog posts, you know checked shirts are my thing (I'm even wearing one as I type this blog post). My wardrobe is filled with them and I keep adding to the collection #NoRegrets. I honestly think they are great and here's why...

What is it about them?

They're the perfect pattern. Not too boring and not too bold; you can get away with wearing one at most social events and fit in looking the part. The style is simple and easy on the eye but that's exactly why they're so versatile for any occasion: formal, informal and everything in between.

They're easy to accessorise with your favourite daytime pair of jeans and cardigan, but you can style them up with a pair of black skinny jeans and a blazer for an evening outfit. That's the beauty of checked shirts: they're not set for one type of event or occasion. You create your outfit around the shirt, rather than the shirt defining the occasion for you.

The fact that they offer such a simple design makes certain that they won't clash with other clothes you wear on the same day - like a paisley shirt might do (for example ). Whatever you choose to wear, you're in safe hands knowing that this shirt can't mess up your outfit. Although one simple design they come in all sorts of colours and materials like polyester and cotton.

What do you think of checked shirts?


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