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Monday, 13 March 2017

Back to basics W/S Fashion

So this time I decided to go basic with what I wore *cough basic bitch cough*. It was an awkward day of being too cold not to wear layers and too hot to over layer, so I kept things minimal with only light overwear. I enjoy minimal effortless high street fashion so gave it a try and surprisingly liked it - not just because it kept me warm!

I rocked a knitwear feel green jumper with a knitwear grey long cardigan, finishing the look with some dark blue skinny jeans and black desert boots. I enjoyed how easy it was to pull this look together and it just proves fashion is as hard as you make it! This super basic look was perfect for the awkward period between winter and spring and was cheap, cheerful and easy to create.
When you put your leg up and suddenly look legless...
Some sort of vogue-esque pose?

I teamed up the jumper and cardigan together not because of warmth, but because they both had similar cotton materials so they meshed well together. Colour wise, I chose a green jumper since it was a murky day but also because I wanted some colour in this outfit. If the outfit had no colour I think it would be so basic that it was boring. I think the colour alongside the length of the cardigan makes the outfit pop ("outfit pop" - such a mum thing to say I know, guilty). Luckily the colours alongside the different materials and length of clothes jazzed up this basic outfit.

Sock game strong.
 What I wore:
  • Jumper - George (Asda), £10
  • Cardigan - Primark, £7
  • Jeans - Primark, £10 
  • Shoes - Primark, £16
Total cost: £43

What's your favourite basic outfit?


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