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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Medication gratitude

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Mental illness isn't always the easiest of illnesses to treat. Many of us depend on medication to help ease the symptoms and control how we feel. However, not everyone can afford treatment or are lucky enough to live in an area that offers medication. I'm extremely lucky to live in a place that offers it and am very grateful for it. It's helped me in a way no other treatment has. I take a range of medication daily to help me in my life long battle against several anxiety disorders; OCD; depression; a dissociative disorder and, mood imbalance. But why am I so lucky to be given the opportunity to take medication? Here I list everything it does for me and what psychiatric medication can do for other people.

Without medication, I wouldn't:
  • Know the difference between rational and irrational thoughts
  • Know what's real and what's not
  • Have any control over my mood
  • Have any confidence
  • Have any energy
  • Have any motivation
  • Have an appetite
  • Have control over my urges
  • Have control of my physical symptoms of mental illness
  • Have control over urges to harm myself
  • Have hope
  • Be able to leave the house
  • Be able to socialise
  • Be free of stress
  • Be able to slow down my thoughts
  • Be able to control my obsessive compulsions
  • Be able to think clearly
  • Be safe
  • Feel comfortable in my own skin
Whilst there is a lot of stigma towards psychiatric medication, I can without a doubt say how grateful for it. Sure it isn't always nice; you can get flu like symptoms from it and missing a dose can be brutal on your body, but the pros really outweigh the cons for me. As for those that don't agree with it, ask yourself why would you tell a diabetic to take their medications and not someone with a mental illness? Is that not prejudice? Medication isn't a simple solution and can improve a person's wellbeing such as myself. I couldn't possibly list everything it does for me, but this post was just to give an idea of what it can do for someone in need.

How does medication help you?


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