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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Top 2 places to eat vegan food in Amsterdam city

Food glorious food, the one thing that's guaranteed to make me happy. So much so that I like to regularly indulge myself in food at as many restaurants as I can go to and welcome home a food baby. Last week I had the pleasure of satisfying this 'hobby' in Amsterdam city. Here I point out two of my favourite places I ate at. Now go get a tissue to wipe your dribble as you salivate over the photos - oh, just me?

Thank God for Google leading me to this restaurant because it would have been a shame to miss out going to this vegetarian and vegan slice of heaven. Stereotypically vegan, I walked into the cafe and was surrounded by plants EVERYWHERE and as someone who owns over 20, I can say I really enjoyed sitting in this mini rainforest. But as nice as the surroundings were, I'd have to say the service was even more delightful as I was served by a lady with charisma, enthusiasm and joy who explained the menu very well to me. She pointed out what was vegan and what each recipe included which was extremely helpful.

I started off with a peppermint tea which was filled with real fresh peppermint leaves before I moved on to the vegan ragout croissant.

The croissant itself was baked with seeds and filled with tofu wrapped in seaweed and leek. Marinaded in a mild curry spice, the dish was moist (sorry to use that word) and tasty and the curry spice was the perfect heat. As someone who has never had a stuffed croissant, I was excited by the originality of this dish. The side salad complementing the dish was equally as tasty but was no match to how flavourful the ragout croissant was. 

I ended the meal with an apple flop to satisfy my sweet tooth which was a vegan pastry filled with apple, raisins, sugar and spices. It was very sweet, but if you have a huge sweet tooth like me you would love it!

Unlike De Bolhoed, The Meatless District was an all vegan restaurant which got me very excited upon finding it. It was a little further away from the city centre than first thought, but was well was worth the tram ride and walk there in the end.

Sadly there was no cactis in sight with this restaurant, but luckily TMD made up for it with fancy decor which was dreamy. The staff were also very nice and polite so no complaints!

Here I ate a tempeh-tofu tomato burger which was served with aubergine, pickles, tomato and onion. I loved how original this burger was. I'm so used to having the same old beanie burger that a tofu burger seemed a little more adventurous (yes I know tofu is made from beans, but you know what I mean) and it tasted great. What I loved even more though was how the patty didn't fall apart. You know how vegan burgers are; they're not very well bound but THIS burger was which made it 100x easier to eat and made a very happy Liam. Thank God for tofu burgers! The burger wasn't marinaded in much spice so I relied on using the avocado cream that came with it for extra flavour and that worked well. Eating out with my cousin, she commented saying that this was the best burger she ever tasted and I must say it comes in the top 5 for me.

And of course I finished the meal of with dessert because how could I not? I indulged myself in a chocolate fudge torte and had a 'few' bites of my cousin's carrot-beetroot cake. Both of which gave me a foodgasm and I can't stop myself from saying how MOIST they both were.

I highly recommend both of these restaurants should you be in need of food in Amsterdam city which I'm assuming you will be if you go...

Comment below with some of your favourite vegan restaurants in Amsterdam. I'd love to know!



  1. I live super far from Asterdam (think, opposite side of the world) and know a burger place that is just as good as you described this one, called The Delux Burger Bar. SO GOOD. Although what wasn't so good in this post was the fact that every time you used the word "moist" I cringed, but then shrugged it off because you were describing food, and that's okay. haha! I'd love to see more posts like these :)

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// Lifestyle & Beauty
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

    1. I'm glad you appreciate burgers too. They really make everything better! And sorry to make you cringe ha ha. I even cringed writing it. But thanks for the kind words.

      I'll follow you on Bloglovin' now. Here's mine:

      Liam :)


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