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Sunday, 19 March 2017

What I miss about uni

2 years ago I was on the rollercoaster that is university. 3 years of hard work and play (mostly the latter) when I studied BA Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies at Cardiff University. It was a great time and there's so much I miss about it (I'm not just talking the student discount).

Is it the revision? Probably not. Maybe the early classes? Um no. How about the really tight budget? Still no. Okay let's be real, what I miss is all the learning. University itself taught me invaluable things like how to budget; it gave me structure and routine; it taught me incredible information about the world of media and culture, and so much more. There is no doubt university is more than just class. Investing yourself into a new lifestyle; the student lifestyle is an experience like no other and I'm grateful for what I experienced and learnt. If it wasn't for university, I wouldn't know how to pay my bills right now. If it wasn't for university, I wouldn't have the social skills I do now. If it wasn't for university, I wouldn't know how to cook. If it wasn't for university, I wouldn't know what interests me. If it wasn't for university, I would have missed out on so much. What I'm getting at is university taught me so much and it shaped me and now I don't have anything to mould me like university did and that's what I miss.

But that's not all. Moving away to a foreign city all on my own like other students alike was terrifying but if I didn't do that I wouldn't have made the friends that I still have today. Sure, I was completely out  of my comfort zone but being on unfamiliar soil allowed me to make friends with an emo girl; a farmer; a whole lot of brummies; singers; bloggers; writers; dancers; English people; Indian people; African people; American people and so many others. It's rather exciting thinking how many different people I met, because that's something that doesn't happen for everyone. I was lucky and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have been immersed into student life also known as the 'meet hundreds of different people' life. I meet different people today but not to the extent university offers and that's what I miss.

Shout out to my course mates.
Shout out to my house mates Reen, Saskia and Emma.

Not only do I miss the learning and friends (yes he misses more), I miss knowing what I'm doing. I've always struggled to find my place in society as I'm so indecisive but university was my break; I could say I was a student and that was that. Now when people ask what I'm doing, I don't have such an exciting answer as I'm trying to figure that out. University was my distraction from figuring things out as it made me think I had things sorted...not so much. It gave me purpose and that's what I miss.

But that's enough of me being nostalgic. It's funny how 5 years flies by like that. From student with a vodka in his hand to now being on a career break. Who knows what will happen now?!

Tell me what you miss about university below.


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  1. My So Called Mid-life Crisis20 March 2017 at 12:52

    Having a million years of life still ahead of me and generally not worrying about anything. Also, Tuesday nights were 'Drink as much as you like' night at Spoofers (waaaaay before your time). Entry fee paid, drinks free. Oh, and having every Wednesday afternoon off for 'Sport'. Considering Spoofers brilliant Tuesday night business plan it may have been more useful for us to have had Wednesday AM off rather than PM. Enjoyed this Liam ����


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