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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Benefits of exercise

The majority of us workout to get a brand spanking new body, right? But when the results take a while to appear it can demotivate us. We want that physique so badly that when it takes too long to come around we just don't want to carry on. Happens to the best of us (I've certainly been there). But what if we saw exercise differently and put less focus on getting a nice sexy aesthetic and more focus on the other benefits exercise offers? It's the perfect way to make carrying on that little bit easier whilst we wait to evolve into Mr and Mrs sexy.

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1. Routine
Routine is so important and exercise gives us the perfect dose of it. Starting each day off right with a nice bit of cardio or weight lifting helps to fill the day and keep us busy.

2. Hobby
The gym is a sport and a sport is a hobby. You're no longer that person who has no hobbies, you're a gym goer and you should be proud!

3. Strength Increases
There's nothing more exciting for an ego than knowing you've gotten a little bit stronger. Who cares about how you look when your guns can lift 150lbs?!

4. Fitness Level
No more seeing those walks up the stairs as Mt Everest. All this exercise means you're fit enough to tackle what the world gives you and climb each step with ease. Phew.

5. Physical Health
We all know it; exercising is good for us and in so many ways. It helps to prevent cancer, heart disease, osteoarthritis and much more! Working out is a natural and free way to look after your body.

6. Mental Health
Endorphins, endorphins, endorphins. That's exactly what exercise gives us. It fills you up with happy hormones and makes you shine a little brighter. That's what I'm talking about!

7. Energy
Who needs that drink of coffee in the morning when you can get a natural energy boost and high from exercise? We all struggle to stay awake at times but luckily exercise has got your back.

8. Sleep
Sure exercise helps to keep you awake but it also helps send you to sleep. Getting to sleep when you have an overactive mind is a struggle, that is unless you exercise regularly then it's a piece of cake.

If you struggle to stay consistent at exercise because you're not seeing results, remember what else exercise does for you. Now put those guns up because you're a rock star!

What does exercise do for you?


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