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Saturday, 8 April 2017

Things to love about Spring

Oh Spring, the time when everyone frantically throws on their shorts and flip flops at the slightest bit of sunshine, warm or not. Oh is that just in Wales? Spring is great though, right? A new season is always exciting as it brings with it new possibilities and adventure, but what is it exactly that's so great about it?

1. More people
Spring means more people are out and about and more people means more people watching. We all love to do it, in fact people watching is my favourite pastime so thanks to Spring I can enjoy doing it even more and so can you.

2. Plants
If you're a plant enthusiast, Spring is the perfect season to make you happy. The plants start to come into bloom and become oh so colourful. It's the perfect time to embrace mother nature and admire its beauty.

3. Cheeky drinks
Spring and summer, also known as the liver damaging seasons are the time when everyone comes together to enjoy some drinks. If you like a drink and nobody would blame you if you do, you know Spring is the perfect time to feed the alcohol demon inside of you. Cheeky.

4. Days out
With spring being such a sunny and warm season, there's more opportunity to do things. No more staying in the house and complaining about the weather being bad. Spring is the time to enjoy life a little more and get busy outside and venture to new places!

5. Friends
Also known as the 'no more excuses' season, Spring is the time when friends are more up for socialising and having fun unlike other seasons. They're less likely to make up excuses to not do things and are more likely to see you. Bonus.

6. Eye candy 
Don't tell me you weren't thinking it! Spring invites people to show a little more flesh and show off what their momma gave them and I think I speak for everyone when I say no complaints here!

7. It's warm
A favourite for many of us, Spring is when the temperature changes. No more shivering in the house as winter has gone bye bye, time to enjoy some warmth.

What do you love about spring?


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