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Sunday, 7 May 2017

A Gentleman's guide to grooming

Grooming is that one thing we all have to get around to doing as part of our daily or weekly routine. Even though a little tedious, it's got to be done. But what's it take to be a well groomed gentlemen? Well I've learnt a thing or two about this by now since I've developed from a 'no facial hair man' to a...little bit of facial hair man. GOODBYE PUBERTY. So here I am passing on what I know. They say you can tell a lot about a man by how he grooms himself so to look the part let me tell you what you've got to do. It's a simple as 1, 2, 3 and doesn't take very long so let's get started.

1. Exfoliate

I can't emphasise how important it is to exfoliate your facial skin prior to shaving or trimming. It does wonders for cleaning your hairs up as it creates a nicer slate to shave and trim on. According to Gilette, if you don't exfoliate, old skin cells, oil and dirt might be matting down facial hair and blocking your razors path. Yikes.

I use Cup O'Coffee exfoliater by Lush Cosmetics.

2. Trim/Shave

This one is a bit obvious but you're going to need a tool to do the deed with. Duh. Invest in a good quality razor or trimmer to get the best experience possible. It might cost a few bob, but it's a jolly good investment.

I use the Philips QT4000/13 trimmer for trimming and Gilette razors for a full shave.

3. Coconut oil/moisturiser

All this grooming isn't the easiest on skin so to keep your money maker in check, post shave you need something to rehydrate your skin with since it loses moisture during shaves and trims.

  • Trim: You've heard it again and again, coconut oil is glorious. It has so many uses and there's always someone talking about its benefits. It's especially great for grooming in that it softens and hydrates facial hair. Perfect for post trim to keep your beard sparkling. Massage into the follicles and prepare to be amazed.
  • Shave: Probably more important to hydrate than trimming after a shave as shaving strips away moisture and leaves skin feeling dry and dehydrated. Grab yourself a non oily moisturiser, something like Enzymion from Lush Cosmetics which is what I use post shave.
4. Tea tree

To end the grooming affair, dab or spray on some tea tree water onto where you shaved or groomed. This is to prevent any outbreaks in the skin. Happens to the best of us when we shave; spots just come out in full force. So to prevent this, the antibacterial elements in tea tree will stop spots in their tracks.

What's your grooming routine like?


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