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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Featuring blue.

Another day, another outfit to wear. Following a Primark haul I found a complete outfit that was perfect for a warm day in the land of Swansea. It was blue, bold and light and something I don't normally wear but like other fashion enthusiasts I like to experiment. Take a look below.

The shirt I wore was very light and short sleeved and let me show off my guns aka what my momma gave me. It featured a pelican and plant design on a blue background. With this I wore a pair of skinny light blue jeans and blue slip on shoes. Sensing a theme? Blue was the look I was going for. It's not my typical look as I normally like blue to be one of many colours in an outfit, not the only colour but the different varieties of blue worked well. The shirt pattern also added a bit of sparkle and who doesn't like sparkle?! Not me.

I wore this as a casual spring outfit and can't really see it as being anything more than that. It's suited for beach walks, shopping and a lunch date, but not really evening or formal wear but add some black skinny jeans and a pair of boots and maybe it could be.

Showing off some ankle in this outfit...cheeky.

 What I wore:
  • Shirt - Primark, £7
  • Jeans - Primark, £10
  • Shoes - Primark - £12
Total cost: £29
What do you think of this outfit?



  1. This was a really fun post to read. I wish I was bold enough to experiment with colour, but unfortunately I'm always drawn to black, grey & white! Have a great week - Jord @

    1. Thank you. I'm also drawn to the dark side; I wear black clothes 80% of the time! Sometimes it's nice to change things up though.

      Have a good one,
      Liam :)


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