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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Hairspray The Musical, Cardiff

Hey Kids,

A show and a half, Hairspray Live is all fun and games. I was a lucky boy last week as I got the chance to see it in the Millennium Centre, Cardiff. It was a Christmas present from my cousin who I live with so a special shout-out and thanks to you, Lucy!

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Hairspray being one of my favourite musicals you can only imagine how excited I was to see the musical live in show - but according to my cousin I showed no excitement in my facial expressions at all. Not before, or during the performance. Resting bitch face problems!

I've seen the DVD a dozen times over and I can honestly say it is a great watch. Lucy knew I loved it so couldn't resist treating me to the renowned show. It was on a Saturday afternoon that we went. We got up nice and early for the train ride by which I mean 9.30am (such a drama queen) and then ahead of the show we had a cheeky three course meal at Zizzi's which was fab-u-lous before heading to the centre for the matinee performance.

When we got to the centre it was packed, people were everywhere in site. I didn't realise how popular the show actually was. I was hoping to have the luxury of not having people sit around me because I'm anti-people and although that didn't happen the two seats in front of me were empty so I got to put my feet up. Was lovely.

The show did all the famous songs you'd expect from the film including my favourite 'Welcome to the 60s' amongst others like 'Good Morning Baltimore' and much more. They even included an extra song or two that I'd never heard; one being from an added scene where Traci went to jail. Bless her. Overall the music was great and featured a live band on stage so was as lively as it could have been. The singing by the cast was on point and really got the audience energised. You couldn't help but sing along. Well I mimed because I'm a shy little boy.

Amongst the singing there was also a lot of dancing as you'd expect. It was a big'ol gay fest, I was in my element. The dancing however wasn't the main focus of the musical unlike the dialogue and singing. The dancing was pretty basic apart from the occasional flip that they threw in to jazz things up - but still was thoroughly enjoyable. How would I describe the dancing? I'd say it was cute.

Any standout scenes you ask? WELL they did have one cheeky scene and when I say cheeky, it was naughty. So you know the bit in the film where Seaweed rescues Penny from being tied up at a home and then they go into the song 'Without Love' -  well Seaweed basically started humping Penny in bed during this song. Totally not as PG as the film but was pretty fun LOL.

Honestly it was a great watch and I highly recommend going to see it if you haven't booked already. They're not in theatres for long so grab tickets whilst you can...and if there's actually any left. Fingers crossed.

Have you seen Hairspray the Musical? Tell. Me. All.


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