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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Happy birthday! Why I do what I do.

Sound the alarm because it's my birthday. Well it's the birthday of, but same thing. Either way I think I deserve a birthday present and cake, don't you think? Anyway, happy frikin' bday to you, Blog.

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I started blogging over a year ago. That's mad to think. I always said I would start at some point and although it was a while before I plucked up the courage to post anything, I finally got there. One year ago today I took the first steps. One year ago today I did my first post. One year ago today I found a new passion. It's been a joy with lots of ups and downs as you'd expect but mainly ups.

I've really enjoyed the experience blogging offers me and boy does it offer me a lot. For one it's an outlet I get to escape to. Whatever I'm feeling I can always rely on blogging to fulfil me somehow and make me feel accomplished. And I like that feeling of accomplishment so why would I not do it? But it also clears my head since I'm someone who always has so many ideas and thoughts floating around in my head that it gives me a place to share them. Blogging gives me a safe place to creatively express myself, it's a dream. It's like a diary and a magazine all in one. Pretty fucking snazzy.

But not only that, I love love loveeee creating new content whether that's writing something up or whether it's publishing a few images. I've always been drawn to this act of creating things. I think it was in uni a few years ago when I studied a media and journalism degree that I first thought creating content was something I wanted to do. Instagram was my 'go to' for creating content but after a while I knew I wanted something more and Blogger offered me that.

It's been a great ride (what a lame thing to say, I know LOL) and I hope to continue the journey for a long time. I'm putting more time and effort into my blog now and am excited to see where it takes me. I have big plans so stay tuned and join me. And thanks for being a loyal reader. I really appreciate your readership and subscription to liamjhavard. You're an absolute doll!

Now to play Will.I.Am's 'It's my birthday' because cheeeeese!

What do you love about blogging?

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