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Monday, 28 August 2017

Zizzi Restaurants l Review l Liam Havard

It was last year when I first discovered the one, the only, Zizzi Restaurants. I always used to read about the food that they did all the time and always used to salivate over the images of it. I always wanted to go there because 1. they did vegan food HELLO and 2. their vegan food looked good so when I went I was pretty happy. I first went to Zizzi on a trip to London with my cousin and since then have gone to the Zizzi in Cardiff. For a while I've been meaning to do a post about my experience with them so here I am living up to my word.

Double sauce.
Single sauce.
My order

I always get three courses when I'm there because I'm a fat bastard, don't judge me. I start off with the garlic bread. You get quite a lot with whole cloves on it which is different. I'll be honest, it's good but I would advise you get some garlic oil for dipping or to pour over. Sure it's garlicky but I think you can handle it. I think without the garlic oil it can be a bit bland apart from the whole cloves you munch on. That's probably personal opinion though.

Now onto the main. Sure Zizzi do other foods like pastas but come on, PIZZA. Let's be real, of course I order their pizza, I'm only human. How can I resist it? It's rarely you find places that do good vegan food but it's even rarer to find places that do vegan pizza so Zizzi already gets a star for being so creative and hospitable for pizza lovers like me.

Started out with a bite and it was a delight, had to go back for more. 

I order the vegan rustica pizza which is a thin pizza base with all the toppings. I'm talking the tomato sauce (which I order double of because it is life) along with vegan cheese which they make themselves and some fresh basil leaves. Plus you get to order three other toppings of your choice as part of the price. There's a nice variety to choose from but what I usually get is fire roasted peppers, sweet balsamic onions and either butternut squash (it's not as weird as it sounds) - or oven roasted garlic cloves (I know I know more garlic, whoever sits next to me is a lucky person LOL). Overall the pizza is kind of sweet but has so much flavour to it, honestly. The only thing to prepare yourself for if you order it is that it can be a little bit sloppy - especially the cheese and sauce. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but maybe you'll want to use a knife and fork instead of your hands.

And last but not least, DESSERT. YAS. They offer one dessert for us vegans and don't quote me on this but I think they have a backup dessert which isn't on the menu. The one that is on the menu is a chocolate and date torte with a walnut base. What can I say about this? Well I have one word for you and it's moist. The dessert is rich in chocolate and is incredibly tasty. Tastes similar to a Ferrero Rocher except it's vegan. I wouldn't say it has much of a base though. It's pretty much just chocolate but I'm not complaining. It also comes with vegan honeycomb and coconut ice cream. Delish.

As for the other dessert they offer (MAY offer. I've had it a few times, once as a backup when they run out of the torte and at that time it wasn't advertised on the menu) - it was a blueberry and banana calzone with chocolate drizzle and coconut ice cream. I hate to say this because I do honestly love Zizzi but this dessert was highly disappointing. The calzone was barely filled with food so it was basically like eating pastry. I'm talking one or two slices of banana and one or two blueberries. The ice cream was good though but the main attraction was a let down. I would advice against ordering it if you are offered. 100% go for the torte if you can.

And that's what I order. Yes it's a truck load of food but it is heavenly. But aside from the food the service is also top notch. The guys and gals are very hospitable and really down to earth. I don't have a bad word to say about them. I definitely recommend going to Zizzi. They're fab.

Restaurant rating: 
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  1. I'm craving pizza so bad from looking at your pictures :p Sounds like a great place!


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